When families, schools, and communities come together to solve community problems, children win. TOGETHER! mobilizes people and catalyzes change across systems to serve the needs of the whole child. Our coalition work focuses on research-based approaches to prevent substance abuse and advance youth health, safety and success. We operate four coalitions to advance youth health and wellbeing: Bucoda-Tenino Healthy Action Team, Rainier Community Cares, Thurston County Drug Action Team and Tumwater United for Families.

RCC Vision: A community working together to support and empower all Rainier youth and their families to make safe and healthy decisions.


Rainier Community Cares (RCC) coalition works together to create positive opportunities and enhance community pride while promoting an alcohol and drug-free environment for youth. RCC formed in 2011 to prevent teen substance abuse and advance the health and wellbeing of Rainier youth.  RCC puts community members in the driver's seat selecting proven programs that improve family communication and promote youth safety and success.

We host free, family-friendly events such as movies in the park, a fun run, family nights out and parenting courses. RCC also funds Nurse Family Partnership, a proven approach to improving the overall health of first time moms and babies now and in the future!

Get Involved with RCC!

If you share the spirit of our mission and goals, you can help make a difference today:

  • Attend a coalition meeting (2nd Wednesday of the month, 5:30 - 7 p.m., at Rainier High School).
  • Discuss the issues, help find solutions. Join the coalition.
  • Speak with your local governments (Rainier City Council, Thurston County Board of Commissioners) about issues and solutions you see.
  • Join one of our coalition work group teams.
  • Get on our mailing list.
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  • Call or email us to learn more. Contact:

Coalition Manager: Caitlin Moore
Phone: 360.999.0440 (cell); 360.493-2230 x106 (office)



Thurston County Drug Action Team works to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of substance abuse in our community through education, policy and systems change. We mobilize volunteers and professionals to prevent youth drug abuse and change systems to improve individual and community health. To accomplish this, we host an annual educational conference each spring for prevention and treatment professionals, community volunteers, law enforcement, school staff and others. The 2017 conference is called Focus on the Future Together (formerly called Substance Abuse: A Community Response.) Click here for more information about the conference or to register. Click here to see photos from the 2016 Substance Abuse: A Community Response conference. 




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Tumwater United for Families (TUFF)

Tuff Mission: Provide a community partnership that promotes a safe, supportive environment for Tumwater youth and their families.

To learn more about TUFF or to become a TUFF partner email (


TUFF Youth Scholarship Program:

The goal of the Tumwater United for Families (TUFF) Youth Scholarship Program is to help make established youth activity programs accessible to children of low-income families.

Scholarships are available to all youth up through 12th grade, who live within the Tumwater School District or Tumwater Urban Growth Boundaries. Youth must qualify for the federal Free Lunch Program. If not in the Free Lunch Program, families must meet the criteria for acceptance to the program. Scholarships may be used for any program offered for youth, including sports, arts, educational and recreational programs. Private lessons will not be funded.

To apply for a scholarship, complete the application form and mail it in, along with verification of eligibility for the Free Lunch Program and a completed registration form for the program in which you wish to enroll.

Mail applications to:
Todd Anderson
Recreation Supervisor
Tumwater Parks & Recreation
555 Israel Road SW
Tumwater, WA 98501

Or email materials to:

B-THAT Vision: A community that fosters a safe, healthy and unified environment for youth to grow, connect and build a positive future.


Bucoda-Tenino Healthy Action Team (B-THAT) supports Tenino and Bucoda youth to reduce drug and alcohol use through education, building relationships and promoting positive, healthy futures. Started by TOGETHER! in 2011, B-THAT formed to prevent youth substance abuse and advance the health and wellbeing of Tenino and Bucoda youth. Made up of concerned community volunteers, B-THAT members drive change in the Tenino and Bucoda communities, adopting research-based approaches to improve family communication, enhance community connection and promote youth safety and success. Over the years, B-THAT has hosted free, family-friendly events such as family nights out and parenting courses. B-THAT funds Nurse Family Partnership, a proven approach to improving the overall health of first time moms and babies in the short term and for years to come! In early 2018, TOGETHER! ended our contract with DSHS for B-THAT administration at TOGETHER!'s decision. Thurston County Public Health and Social Services now operates B_THAT>

Get Involved with B-THAT

Coalition Contact: Kateri Wimsett, Thurston County Public Heath & Social Services
Phone: 360-867-2516