Our Before and After School Program 

With the closure of schools for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, Club House has shifted to offer both in-person and virtual programming! Currently students attend in-person academic support and live online meetings where we learn, play, and explore Washington through science with community partners like Puget Sound Estuarium and Haki Farmers Collective. Club House coordinates with families to provide program materials, school supplies, books, and resources.

During our four-week summer program, starting July 19th, a typical Club House week will include in-person activities with breakfast and lunch provided, live online meetings, and fieldtrips. 

All four Club House sites are providing a variety of programming at different times throughout the week and the day. Please see individual site tabs to find the most up-to-date schedule. If you are interested in having your student join us, fill out the application below and contact the respective Site Coordinator or Program Director for more information.


Club House Application- English/Spanish

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                    Lydia Hawk Elementary School                                                                                                         Pleasant Glade Elementary School

                    Site Coordinator: Sophie Bustetter (she/her)                                                                                           Site Coordinator: Rosetta Friend (she/her)

                    Phone: (360) 810-1516, Hablo español                                                                                                   Phone: (360) 561-9521

                    Email: sbustetter@thurstontogether.org                                                                                             Email: rfriend@thurstontogether.org



                     Chinook Middle School                                                                                                                       Nisqually Middle School

                     Site Coordinator: Jessie Gomez (she/her)                                                                                               Site Coordinator: Sarah Kowalski (she/her)

                     Phone: (360) 764-9713, Hablo español                                                                                                  Phone: (360) 522-2101

                     Email: jgomez@thurstontogether.org                                                                                                 Email: skowalski@thurstontogether.org



                      Club House and Dual Language Director                                                                                            Club House and Dual Language Director

                      for Elementary School                                                                                                                      for Middle School

                     Site Coordinator: Kahlo Flores (she/her)                                                                                                 Site Coordinator: Kaira Gomez-Garcia (she/her)

                     Phone: (360) 561-6721, Hablo español                                                                                                  Phone: (360) 999-0440, Hablo español

                     Email: kcflores@thurstontogether.org                                                                                                Email: kgomez@thurstontogether.org  



Club House

TOGETHER!'s Club House places our before and after school programs in communities and schools that need them most. Supplemental learning opportunities are especially vital in communities burdended by poverty, homelessness, hunger, educational disparties and a lack of access to extracurricular activities. We invest in schools with the highest percentage of struggling families to create education equity.

Club House creates programming that youth want to attend - where hands-on, fun creative learning is the norm. Our before and after school programs engage directly with school building staff, North Thurston School District, and a broad range of local organizations and volunteers from places like Puget Sound Estuarium, Safe Place, South Sound Reading Foundation, Haki Farmers Collective, The Bridge Music Project, local colleges and universities, and others.

Club House programs come at no cost to youth or families. Club House operates from September through the end of the school-year in June as well as a four-week summer program. Club House operated in two elementary schools and two middle schools:

  • Lydia Hawk Elementary
  • Pleasant Glade Elementary
  • Chinook Middle School
  • Nisqually Middle School

If students do not attend the schools listed above, they may still be eligible to attend program. Eligibility is determined by where the student resides, academic need, and financial need. Please contact the program director for more information.